Choose the things you need for your home from the comfort of your own sofa

Spread the cost with low weekly payments


Products we offer

Whatever you need for your home, we could provide it for you over set weekly payments that are affordable to you.

Our customers have the option to rent from us with full service cover included, or to buy their products on a Hire Purchase plan with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Cash Loans

We all need a helping hand from time to time.

We offer our customers short-term cash loans which typically range from £50-£1000 depending on individual customer’s circumstances and affordability.

So, who are we?

In a nutshell, we’re a modern home credit company.

We offer cash loans and a wide range of goods on an affordable pay weekly basis.

We tailor our products and services to suit our customers’ needs, circumstances and affordability. We can help whether you are currently employed, unemployed or self-employed.

The service we provide our customers with is honest, straightforward and fair. We are a responsible lender and we make everything as simple and convenient as possible.

Our friendly, fully trained local agents will come to you to collect your payments and we provide our customers with a personal service to suit their needs. We pride ourselves on helping local families when they need it the most.

Hang on, what’s home credit?

We provide cash loans and products direct to your door. We offer a face to face service where your repayments are collected from your home by a friendly local agent. We treat our customers fairly and put their needs first.

What's home credit?
We’re a responsible lender
We care about our customers
No late repayment charges and no hidden fees
We put our customers’ needs first

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We currently cover...

Wakefield, Barnsley and Rotherham.

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